Trip to the Adirondack


Day 0 - The Day Before Danger

Tomorrow we leave for the Adirondack. Two campsites. Three dogs. Four cars. Ten people. Due to the amount of gear we were brining we needed to finish packing 24 hours early, and load it into one truck.

The problem: we didnt get together to pack. So everyone brought their own pots and pans, their own food, their own 6 person tents. Each person bringing the items to share. Somehow we managed to tetris the truck, and are gonna live like kings.

Day 1 - Friday 13th, 66,666 miles on the car

I’m starting to regret this trip. I got in the car and noticed it had exactly 66,666 miles on the car. It is also Friday the 13th. I think it might be a good idea to simply lay in bed and sleep.

This morning we started the day by eating at the local Highland Diner. Than we all boreded into the car and started our 4 hour drive. The car ride was pretty boring, until about halfway through when we saw the initial attack on Canada. After the terrifying helicopters i have officially accepted the fact that we had gone too far on this auspicious day.

These Helicopters look like a smiley face

According to Tim there is also a super moon and a solar eclipse. It is clear we are about to star in “Cabin In The Woods”.

I dont know if i feel safe at the camp site. The camp was evicting the person next to us because he had been their for two weeks. He was completely out of his mind that he didnt even realize he was talking to the sheriff for 20 minutes. In total there was 4 cop cars, an ambulance, and a tow truck.

The guys car had Big Foot stickers all over it

They sent a tow truck

After that extremely eventful afternoon. Tim, Doug, Chris and I went to a local golf course. Sadly the one that was half a mile down the road was closed, so we drove 15 minutes into lake placid to play another local course. The four of us played 9 holes of golf. It was absolutely beautiful. I didnt do well, but that wasnt the goal, it was still a lot of fun!

Bow in the sun

Putt putt golf

Sunset on the ninth hole

At the end of the round of golf i realized I was missing my childhood driver cover. It was a big pink pig. After our round I wandered into the pro shop and asked if anyone had dropped it off. He immediately put a different cover of a black bear on the table and asked if he could buy my pig one dor $20. Apperently he had found it, and wanted to give it to a client who owns two pigs. I happily took the trade.

After returning to the camp ground we made some dinner with our other friends. All in all, we somehow survived the Friday the 13th massacre.

Day 2 - Half our group is crazy

So we surived Friday the 13th, but than five members of our 10 person group decided to go on an 8 hour hike in an attempt to kill themselves. Luckily Marissa and I like being alive so we stayed in camp, and slept in.

Bear managed to survive his first night in a tent, but he like us, didn’t sleep super well. Marissa suggested we get a bigger tent, and although she is probably correct, i am stubborn

After breakfast and some coffee we decided to wander around Lake Placid and Mirror lake. it was a good 2.7 mile walk around the beautiful lake. Sadly there was no place to let Bear swim in Mirror lake. Luckily we noticed a sign for a boat launch on Lake Placid and let Bear swim there.

At one point along the walk, Bear decided that Doug was his property and lifted his leg to pee on Dougs leg. Luckily both Doug and Marissa noticed before any real damage could be done. But my oh my did he get a good scolding.

Funny moose sign
This moose in a top hat was everything I needed to get through our hike.
Marissa has decided to join the winter olympics. They do all the winter olympics training in Lake Placid
Bear decided he couldn't leave Marissa and was going to join the bobsled team too.
Mirror lake is very beautiful. Im so happy to be able to visit this part of the country.
I feel like we need to own one of these

after a good nap at camp Doug and I decided to go golfing at the nearby course. I played about 10 shots better than the first day. It helped that it was only two of us, and that we had gotten a cart. The problem was that we had expected our other 5 members to be home by 4. Yet by 6 they were still out. Well, I knew someone was going to die this trip…..

The warriors returned

Chris and <a href="">Fitz</a> ready for the hike.
Chris, Sarah, and <a href="">Fitz</a> ready for the hike.
<a href="">Fitz</a> got a bit tired.
Tim will be the lord of this trip. All others will suffer.
2.1 miles to the summit
<a href="">Fitz</a> at the top of the world.
<a href="">Fitz</a> and Sarah made it to the top of the world #DogsOfJcrash
<a href="">Fitz</a> and Tim at Avalanche Lake
To my surprise the Group managed to make it to the summit.
This is why [Fitz]( is a popular #DogOfInstagram
Was it worth it?
Yep, it was worth it

After allowing the survivors to wash up we went to the local BBQ joint. Most people decided to drive. Marissa walked and managed to beat everyone. (Wizard?) It was nice to sit down with a great group of friends, drink a cold one and eat some BBQ.

It’s been a good couple of days, and we all agree we need to do it again. Tomorrow we’re planning to watch the finals for the world cup and than head home

Day 3: I hate Fance

Well, the morning has been spent cleaning up all of our mess. Marissa and I packed our car with as much as we could comfortably take. We than put the rest of it into the bed of Chris’s truck. Luckily we were able to easily fit everything, unlike the when we were coming up.

Some of the group decided to go home, some decided to go fishing, while Marissa and I decided to hold down camp and get some reading done.

A little before 11 AM, we drove into Lake Placid for one last time. We ended up at a local sports bar to watch the Croatian v. French world cup game.

We were all sorry when Croatia lost, but my oh my was it a great game.

Ths drive home was 4.5 hrs. But atleast we made it. I would happily do it again!!!

the only good catch from the day.
Fire was wonderful.
Fire was wonderful.
Fitz was a good boy.
A good number of our crew!
Marissa later pointed out to me how akward our walk was.


  • “Mcycles Drive Careful” - road sign. “mmmHmmm Cycles. Yum” - Tim/Marissa

  • “The attack on Canada has begun” - Doug “Their maple syrup reserves will be ours by Christmas” - Tim

These Helicopters look like a smiley face

  • Taxidermy shop: “You snuff it, we stuff it” - Doug

  • #Glamping - Matt and Danielle

  • “Chris is the only one who enjoys a nice twangy tune” - Matt

  • ” Bear is absolutely not a distance runner. He goes from nap to nap….. Like me” - Marissa

  • “John you pretend to be Tim, Tim you pretend to be John” - Car, “I dont know if i can be that witty” - John “I was gonna say the same thing” - Tim

  • “Did you guys survive the hiking trip?” -John “Had to sacrifice Tim to a bear, but otherwise yes”

  • “Look its a night butterfly” - Matt, “You mean a moth” - Everyone, “Nope I dont”

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Published: July 13 2018

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